Who is Void Spirit?

The highly anticipated Dota 2 Outlanders update has finally arrived, and with it two new heroes to choose from.

Void spirit is a Melee Intelligence hero which scales well into the late game with farm. He has high mobility spells, some AOE damage with a tank ability and some high single target damage in the form of his remnant leaving ability.

Inai, the Void Spirit is melee intelligence hero that relies on the element of surprise to blast apart foes with the power of the void. He plays like no other hero, relying on a wide variety of skills that allow him to put his enemies out of position while quickly jumping in and out of combat. Using his Aether Remnants, Inai can start and end any fight in seconds by forcing enemies to attack remnants of himself that guard from all angles. The void is both sword and shield for Void Spirit, whether he takes a quick repose in the aether to teleport to an area of his choice with explosive force, or shields himself in volatile energy that slays the weak and nullifies the attacks of the mighty. Should anything manage to survive the Void Spirit’s onslaught, he shows them his mastery of his ultimate Astral Step technique, dashing through space and time to attack and mark enemies for death not once, but twice.

Void Spirit and Snapfire (left to right)

Skills breakdown

He is a very interesting new addition to the roster and brings a kit reminiscent of his other spirit brethren.


He has two mobility spells which can be used both offensively and defensively.

His first mobility skill, Dissimilate summons a circle of portals around him which he can then slip into the center of and reappear at a chosen one by clicking on it.

A level 25 talent of his can allow Dissimilate to also stun for 3 seconds, which can be a vital pick-up, albeit very late, to give this hero some control tools.

Astral Step

His second is his ultimate, Astral Step. This skill reminds us of a blink strike from Riki, however it can be ground targeted and deals damage to all enemies which he passes through equal to an Auto attack. It also leaves a debuff on the enemy, “void mark”, which slows them before detonating and dealing 150/200/250 magical damage.

This is a charge based ultimate with a capacity of 2. This means you could repeat it twice in a row to cover great distance. The distances scale with levels at 600/800/1000 units range. The charge replenish time also scales at 25/20/15 – however it can be reduced further by a level 20 talent to 8 seconds. His level 25 talent can also be used to apply a 200% damage crit on each target he passes through.

Aether Remnant

That’s not all there is to this hero, however. His first skill is reminiscent of Storm Spirit’s first skill. Aether Remnant is a vector targeted ability which causes a remnant of Void Spirit to stand watch over a region, and then pull in and cause a beam of damage to the unit which is caught in the pull.

A level 15 talent can be picked up to provide remnants with true sight in a radius of 600 units. This could be a very interesting utility choice to shut down pesky invisible bounty hunters or the like.

Resonant Pulse

Finally, his third skill Resonant Pulse emits a wave of damage in an AOE around Void Spirit up to 500 units. He is then shrouded in a cloak which absorbs physical damage for 10 seconds.

The base shield will absorb 50/100/150/200 damage.

The amount of damage absorbed scales based on the number of heroes caught in the initial damaging blast. Each hero provides an additional 30/45/60/75 damage absorption.

Our take on Void Spirit

A truly interesting addition to the hero pool, Void Spirit provides a skill set reminiscent of both Ember Spirit and Storm Spirit. Both are highly mobile and feature remnant leaving abilities, and while he may not have the ability to zip right across the map like those two have, he can certainly engage and disengage easily with two powerful mobility spells.

Try Void Spirit out in the Dota 2 client now, or take a look at this fantastic overview video provided by DotaCinema