Two new heroes revealed at TI9

The International 9 was a huge success for Dota 2 and esports as a whole. 18 top tier teams from all over the globe gathered in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai between August 15-25.

The total prize pool this year was $34,330,068 USD which sets a new precedent for the highest single tournament prize pool in esports history, as well as the highest peak viewership for a Dota 2 tournament at 1.96 Million confirmed viewers – with viewers from Asia excluded from stats due to the difficulty to obtain accurate numbers.

Along with these impressive records set, we also got teaser trailers for two new heroes set to release Fall 2019 with an update Valve are calling “Outlanders”.

The first revealed hero, named Snapfire, appears to be a lizard-riding, cookie-slinging Grandmother of the Keen race – the same race as Sniper and Timbersaw. See Snapfire’s introductory teaser trailer below.

Snapfire teaser trailer

The second hero revealed left the croud going wild, as it has been first revealed as early as patch 7.00 during a web comic which was introduced with Monkey King. The fourth elemental spirit – Void Spirit joins the battle alongside Snapfire in Fall 2019. See the Void Spirit teaser trailer below.

Void Spirit teaser trailer

As seen from the trailer, Void Spirit appears to be some sort of “inter-dimensional” being with the ability to manipulate portals. He can be seen summoning a Staff from a portal in the augmented reality portion of the video – where the Shanghai crowd were presented with a 3D rendered version of Void Spirit on the main stage.

I cannot wait to see these two enter the fray this Fall. Whether you like, dislike or love these two concepts, they will be sure to shake up the Dota 2 pub meta upon arrival until they are deemed balanced enough for Captains Mode.

The outlanders update was announced to also reach Dota Underlords. What that means is unclear, but there is a strong possibility that both Snapfire and Void Spirit will come to Dota Underlords at the same time as Dota 2.