Who is Void Spirit?

The highly anticipated Dota 2 Outlanders update has finally arrived, and with it two new heroes to choose from. Void spirit is a Melee Intelligence hero which scales well into the late game with farm. He has high mobility spells, some AOE damage with a tank ability and some high single target damage in the […]

Dota Gameplay Update 7.23

The long awaited, and heavily-teased since the International 2019 patch has finally arrived! Bringing with it the introduction of two new highly anticipated heroes Void Spirit and Snapfire, available to play in ranked and casual matchmaking modes. If you would like to learn more about this update, head on over to the official Dota 2 […]


It’s here! The hugely anticipated update featuring a large overhaul of gameplay, hero balance and UI changes – aptly named “THE BIG UPDATE” by Valve, has finally hit the DOTA Underlords client. Perhaps the most anticipated and shocking change is the ability to pick and play with an actual “Underlord”. A unit with a large […]

7.22h Gameplay update

A small 7.22 gameplay adjustment patch hit Dota 2 clients this week. 7.22h features only nerfs to some of the most popular and strongest heroes, as well as a few cheap early game items. In addition, XP given for killing basic neutrals was reduced by 5%. Similarly, in the patch preceding this one, gold bounty […]

Two new heroes revealed at TI9

The International 9 was a huge success for Dota 2 and esports as a whole. 18 top tier teams from all over the globe gathered in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai between August 15-25. The total prize pool this year was $34,330,068 USD which sets a new precedent for the highest single tournament prize pool […]

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