Helm of the Dominator

The powerful headpiece of a dead necromancer.

+ 2 All Attributes

Active: Dominate

Takes control of one neutral, non-ancient target unit and sets its movement speed to 425 and max health to a minimum of 1500.

Dominated units with a max health of greater than 1500 retain their original max health. Dominated unit's bounty is set to %tooltip_bounty% gold.

Range: 700

Passive: Dominator Aura

Increases nearby allies' attack speed by 20 and health regen by 8.5.

Radius: 1200
Cannot dominate more than one unit at a time. If a new unit is dominated, the old one will die.<br />Can also Dominate enemy lane creeps and summoned units.<br />Selling Helm of the Dominator will cause dominated units to die.