Battle Fury

The bearer of this mighty axe gains the ability to cut down swaths of enemies at once.

+ 45 Damage
+ 7.5 HP Regeneration
+ 3.75 Mana Regeneration

Active: Chop Tree/Ward

Destroy a target tree or ward.

Tree Cast Range: 350
Ward Cast Range: 450

Passive: Quell

Increases attack damage against non-hero units by 24 for melee heroes, and 7 for ranged.

Passive: Cleave

Deals 60% of attack damage as physical damage in a cone up to 650 around the target. (Melee Only)
Cleave damage is reduced by armor type but not by armor value.<br />Cleave damage goes through spell immunity.<br />If multiple sources of Cleave are present, each Cleave's damage is applied separately.<br />Chop can be used to destroy Techies' Remote Mines.