Abyssal Blade

The lost blade of the Commander of the Abyss, this edge cuts into an enemy's soul.

+ 25 Damage
+ 250 Health
+ 10 HP Regeneration
+ 10 Strength

Active: Overwhelm

Stuns a target enemy unit for 2 seconds.

Pierces Spell Immunity.

Range: 140

Passive: Bash

Grants melee heroes a 25% chance on hit to stun the target for 1.5 seconds and deal 100 bonus magical damage. Bash chance for ranged heroes is 10%.

Passive: Damage Block

Grants a 50% chance to block 70 damage from incoming attacks on melee heroes, and 35 damage on ranged.
The stun is melee range.<br />Does not stack with other bashes.<br />The following heroes cannot trigger Bash on this item: Spirit Breaker, Faceless Void, Slardar, and Troll Warlord.<br />Multiple sources of damage block do not stack.